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Coming Back From Hiatus!

Hey there readers and those passing through! I’m excited to announce I’m back from my blogging hiatus. As you can likely imagine — or have experienced yourself — I was feel pretty burnt out on blogging and not finding the motivation to write about much. But that’s all changed! I’m feeling great about getting back to blogging and looking forward to posting articles once or twice weekly.

I still plan to write about technology, social media, the Internet, and networking. Since New Year‘s I’ve been working out like a crazy person, so I might even post some fitness video and equipment reviews too! If you have topic ideas, I would love to hear them — either for the blog or Digital 411 — so definitely let me know!

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, you can check out some of my most recent episodes of Digital 411 on I’ve done some pretty sweet episodes lately that I think you might really like.

Recent topics include: International Social Media Month, e-waste and electronics recycling, gamification, and mobile app development from an insider’s perspective.

So, I’m back from hiatus! I’m super excited and I’m so glad you’re still with me!


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A Very Special Blogging Gift For You

Look Who’s Talking Better Business Blogging … Jacob Stoops (2/19/2011)

So, this month has been so much fun on Digital 411. We’re talking blogging from just about every angle and perspective we can think of, and with that you can’t forget SEO. Jacob Stoops AKA Agent SEO knows more about SEO than should be humanly possible.

By day Jacob is the Director of Search Engine Optimization for People To My Site — a Columbus based search engine marketing company. And by night Jacob doubles as Agent SEO — a super smart guy that wants to make SEO as easy to understand as possible. What I love about Jacob is he’s no one trick pony — as he puts it, “I dabble in Social Media, moonlight as a WordPress designer, and live in Columbus, Ohio.”

If you want to see the transparent side of SEO, listen to Jacob this week, he’s joined by Nate Riggs — so you know it’s going to be a little crazy. Also, check out his blog, Agent SEO — it’s jam packed full of great information. Listen to Digital 411 live on at 10am

Follow on Twitter @jacobstoops or Fan on Facebook Agent SEO

Something Special for YOU!

As an added bonus, this week we are giving out 2 of the hottest tickets in town, The Blah, Blah, Blogging Boot Camp Conference. February 25-26, 2011 at TechColumbus. If you really want to kick start your blogging efforts, at this event you can meet, greet, and learn from many of the stellar guests that have been on Digital 411 this month, in hands on workshops.

Tickets include the Friday Meet and Tweet networking event and Saturday’s all day blogging workshops — a $300 value.

So how do you enter to win?

Tweet @Digital411 “I want to win the @beyondsocial101 Blogging Conference tickets” or

On the Digital 411 Facebook page wall, “I want to win the Beyond Social 101 Blogging Conference tickets.”

It’s that simple. We will announce winners on air, Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011.

Listen to Digital 411 live on at 10am. (you can listen to previous episode podcasts there too!)

It could be you!

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Lessons Learned from a Blogging Novice

Recently I celebrated the one year anniversary of my blog. I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I starting maintaining my own soapbox. When I started blogging, I was not quite sure of the payoffs. Also, I didn’t know much about the platform, set up or what I wanted to write about.

After spending a little more than a year doing this, I feel as though I’ve learned some important lessons — and I want to share them in the hopes that the additional knowledge can help others.

(If you’ve been blogging for a while and have lessons you’ve learned, feel free to add them to the list I start here in the comments section.)

Be Consistent

This is a lesson I continue to learn over and over again. Although I don’t publish as much as I would like to, I do try to maintain consistency by publishing once a week. What ever publication schedule you decide to go with — just work diligently to maintain it.


I find the statistics quite useful on the WordPress platform. From regular review, I realize that a lot of traffic to my blog comes from other social media platforms. I’ve found the WordPress application on LinkedIn and Networked Blogs on Facebook to be great for increasing visibility. It’s pretty easy to do — I highly recommend you taking advantage of the opportunity.

Personal Branding

People have asked me: Do people still blog? I figure, since I’m still reading them all over the place, the answer is yes. Many people don’t actually realize they are reading blogs all the time. Regardless, if you are interested in doing some personal branding work, then I highly recommend getting on the blogging bandwagon. It’s a great way to get your thoughts and ideas out there. I have had many exciting opportunities come my way because of the content I continue to cover on my blog. Blogging is a great personal branding strategy and it’s free. I highly recommend!

Diverse Topics

The topics that I find most interesting, are not always most interesting to readers; therefore, when I’m viewing stats on what pieces are getting the most hits, I try to take that into consideration when developing article ideas. Writing about what’s getting read seems to make good sense.


Keep It Short and Sweet — When I first started writing, my posts tended to be long and much more involved. Something I figured out speaking with others is that they don’t have to be. I can have multiple posts on a single topic or create series if I think there’s more to be said. Keep posts simple makes them easier to read on the go or quickly breeze through.

Do Some Research

Many blogs that I enjoy reading and I believe in turn what makes my pieces interesting to read, is the level or research involved. Admittedly, that’s my disposition and training, but anyone can do research and be a compelling source of relevant information. Research is also a great way to learn what’s happening in a particular field, while also keeping your readers informed.

Day-to-Day Life

I try to write about what I’m involved in reading or researching in my day-to-day life. What’s fortunate for me is that I spend a lot of time reading and writing about social media and technology. I encourage novice bloggers to write about the topics and interests you have in your daily life. Keep in mind there’s a lot of information that you can easily draw upon using this strategy too.

What are your blogging experiences? I would love to learn about your challenges and successes. Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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