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Digital 411: Celebrating Social Media Month

May is a big month for Digital 411 and Erika Pryor at Large. Since May is International Social Media Month, I want to focus on what’s happening in social media. On the most recent episode of Digital 411 I sat down with my favorite Irishman, Barry Chandler to talk about his latest initiative — Social Media Month Columbus.

Also known as TheBarBlogger, Barry Chandler is well known for innovative integrated marketing campaigns, first within the hospitality and tourism industries and later with nonprofits, small business and beyond. So, I was super excited when he agreed to sit down with us and talk about how he want to help any body or business that wants to wrap their mind around social media and grow their business using the best suited platforms.

There’s so much great information available on this episode of Digital 411 — I invite you to take a listen. Even if you can’t listen to the whole episode, I promise you’ll get some great take away points in the first 15 minutes. Also, check out the Social Media Month Columbus website. What you may not know about the site is there are new videos released every single day during the month on May! There’s more, but I’ll let you find that out for yourself from the site and this episode of Digital 411!

Digital 411 broadcast live Thursdays, 5pmET on New episodes record live twice monthly. You can follow what’s happening on Digital 411 here, on the Facebook page and Twitter @Digital411. Feel free to submit your topic suggestions and interview recommendations here, Facebook or Twitter.


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You’re Invited: Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) Event

You’re Invited: Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) Event

About a month ago, some Twitter friends picked up on the current national discussion about whether there’s a higher education bubble and if we are on the verge of seeing it burst. Peter Thiel has written about this topic, “We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education,” as well as Glenn Reynolds, “Higher Education’s Bubble is About to Burst.”

With the Twitter conversation heating up, we decided it might be interesting to take the conversation offline and include entrepreneurship to hear more about what people think. As a previous college professor and constant advocate of higher education, — of course — I got excited about the prospect. All of this has manifested into the first Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) Event, and you’re invited to be part of the fun.

The Digital 411 IRL Event will be a live, interactive debate with a panel and live audience discussing the potential (or pending) higher education bubble bursting. We will address the question: Do you need a college education to be successful? And given the number of technology companies that are started by college drop outs, we ask: How might the higher education bubble affect technology companies and start ups?

I’m excited to moderate the panel which includes the following participants:

For those in central Ohio, you can attend the event live on location at the Ohio State University’s new, College Commons space located in Ramseyer Hall. And given the topic and location, we will be collecting school supplies to donate to St. Vincent Family Center to ensure every child is prepared to start the 2011-2012 school year!

For others, you can participate in the live broadcast by tuning into Thursday, August 4 at 5pm. We will be taking questions and comments by Twitter, so send them along with the hashtag #Digital411IRL. Register for the Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) 

I’m obviously as excited as can be and I hope you will join us IRL or virtually. It’s sure to be an interesting and engaging discussion! I’m looking forward to seeing you at this live event!

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How to Become a Master at Networking

I’ve always loved networking! Meeting new people and learning about them is fun. And I’m not alone, but if you don’t love it — you’re not alone either. What we know now is that networking is a must.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a new position or just looking to enhance your professional opportunities, networking is a must. And now with social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook being thrown into the mix of happy hours, alongside lunch and learn events, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to do it.

So, how do you become a master at networking? That’s what we’re talking about on Digital 411 Saturday, April 9, 2011 — Listen to the Podcast here. For an hour, my guest co-hosts will be telling all of their secrets about the best way to network, how to manage networking goals at an event, what to do online, and how to actually create professional relationships.

Meet our guest co-hosts and master networkers joining me in studio.

Ryan Bauer

Ryan specializes in creating consumer demand through engaging, interactive marketing campaigns. For the last decade Ryan has worked with top marketing agencies (Interpublic, Daymon, WPP + more) and as an independent marketing consultant for several clients. Ryan’s core approach for success incorporates engagement marketing, live event management, digital/interactive, social media and traditional marketing techniques into achieving strategy goals.

Ryan blogs at and tweets at @Ryaomics

Kirsten Radu

Kristen spends her days as a sales regeneration specialist and recruiting assistant for Safelite Autoglass and her evenings as a Twitter enthusiast (junkie). She is constantly discovering Columbus, embarking on new adventures and sharing her story, thoughts and passions with anyone listening. She uses social media as an excuse to bring valuable strangers into her life and make connections between friends and acquaintances.

Kristin tweets at @Kris1010

Bobby Roberts

Bobby Roberts is a contract accountant, freelance writer, and overly optimistic Cubs fan. He first used social media to promote my writing online. Now he uses it as a outlet to stay entertained, meet new people, and to help build a personal brand. Bobby says, “My life has changed for the better, professionally and personally, since becoming more involved with online & offline networking.”

Bobby blogs at America’s White Boy and tweets at @sweetbob


Click here to listen to the Digital 411 podcast!

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A Very Special Blogging Gift For You

Look Who’s Talking Better Business Blogging … Jacob Stoops (2/19/2011)

So, this month has been so much fun on Digital 411. We’re talking blogging from just about every angle and perspective we can think of, and with that you can’t forget SEO. Jacob Stoops AKA Agent SEO knows more about SEO than should be humanly possible.

By day Jacob is the Director of Search Engine Optimization for People To My Site — a Columbus based search engine marketing company. And by night Jacob doubles as Agent SEO — a super smart guy that wants to make SEO as easy to understand as possible. What I love about Jacob is he’s no one trick pony — as he puts it, “I dabble in Social Media, moonlight as a WordPress designer, and live in Columbus, Ohio.”

If you want to see the transparent side of SEO, listen to Jacob this week, he’s joined by Nate Riggs — so you know it’s going to be a little crazy. Also, check out his blog, Agent SEO — it’s jam packed full of great information. Listen to Digital 411 live on at 10am

Follow on Twitter @jacobstoops or Fan on Facebook Agent SEO

Something Special for YOU!

As an added bonus, this week we are giving out 2 of the hottest tickets in town, The Blah, Blah, Blogging Boot Camp Conference. February 25-26, 2011 at TechColumbus. If you really want to kick start your blogging efforts, at this event you can meet, greet, and learn from many of the stellar guests that have been on Digital 411 this month, in hands on workshops.

Tickets include the Friday Meet and Tweet networking event and Saturday’s all day blogging workshops — a $300 value.

So how do you enter to win?

Tweet @Digital411 “I want to win the @beyondsocial101 Blogging Conference tickets” or

On the Digital 411 Facebook page wall, “I want to win the Beyond Social 101 Blogging Conference tickets.”

It’s that simple. We will announce winners on air, Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011.

Listen to Digital 411 live on at 10am. (you can listen to previous episode podcasts there too!)

It could be you!

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How to build community on a business blog

This month on Digital 411 we continue unlocking the mysteries of blogging. On the most recent episode, Tom Williams, president of InnoGage and Lori Crock, principal of Written Impact shared more valuable information than I could possible capture here regarding how to create and manage a successful business blog, but below are a few highlights. Be sure to check back here soon for the live podcast.

Although blogging doesn’t always present itself as such — it’s a great way to build a community. When it comes to blogging for a small or medium-sized business this can be a valuable asset, since regardless of the products or services you offer — you are are ultimately selling yourself to future and current clients. A few points on how you can build community on your business blog.


At first it may seem a bit scary, but providing readers and opportunity to comment is extremely important. First, as Lori Crock pointed out, allowing for comments illustrates that you are interested in feedback from readers. With most blogging platforms, you can alter the settings so you receive email notification and comments are approved. This should take some of the fear away. However, regardless of a negative or positive comment you need to make a point of responding.

Responding to comments is an easy and fast way to develop a rapport with your current and future readers. If you want to encourage readers to come back, subscribe, or snag your RSS feed, you need to demonstrate that you care about  what they say. Think of the comments as the ongoing conversation about your material.


Although it’s tempting to give the blogging duties to the marketing or communication division — if you have one — as Tom Williams aptly pointed out, a blog can be a way to provide some inside perspective on what’s happening within the organization. So, by allowing the engineers, customer service reps, sales force, and the like to provide some insight on what’s happening not only in the organization, but also the industry gives valuable perspective.

As an added bonus — this strategy can effectively split up the work load with individuals responsible for writing a blog article once a month depending on your publication schedule. With the work split up, you may need to designated an editor — which is where the marketing or communication division can be very useful given their skill set. In addition to creating community among your followers — you are  facilitating that among your staff members, as well.


Links are a great way to identify where you’re coming from with a particular article and what other information is important to your thought development. As an added bonus, most websites and blogs have software that alerts admins of when their site has been identified in a link. I’ve found that frequently the author or site admin will come to my blog, leave a comment or contact me directly by email.

What ways have you built community with your business blog? Feel free to share your successes in the comments section below.

Blogging Month on Digital 411 is almost over, but we’ve got two more great episodes left. On the next installment, we’re talking “Blogging Better,” or how to be more productive and effiecient with your blogging efforts. My featured guests for this episode are Nate Riggs of Social Business Strategies and Jacob Stoops AKA Agent SEO and SEO Director, People to My Site.


If you want to stay in the know about future topics, guest, take polls and be part of the growing Digital community, here’s what you do:

Connect on Facebook

Bookmark where you can hear the program recorded live, Saturdays at 10am. We take live callers too, so join the conversation at: 1877-932-9766.

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