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Digital 411: Celebrating Social Media Month

May is a big month for Digital 411 and Erika Pryor at Large. Since May is International Social Media Month, I want to focus on what’s happening in social media. On the most recent episode of Digital 411 I sat down with my favorite Irishman, Barry Chandler to talk about his latest initiative — Social Media Month Columbus.

Also known as TheBarBlogger, Barry Chandler is well known for innovative integrated marketing campaigns, first within the hospitality and tourism industries and later with nonprofits, small business and beyond. So, I was super excited when he agreed to sit down with us and talk about how he want to help any body or business that wants to wrap their mind around social media and grow their business using the best suited platforms.

There’s so much great information available on this episode of Digital 411 — I invite you to take a listen. Even if you can’t listen to the whole episode, I promise you’ll get some great take away points in the first 15 minutes. Also, check out the Social Media Month Columbus website. What you may not know about the site is there are new videos released every single day during the month on May! There’s more, but I’ll let you find that out for yourself from the site and this episode of Digital 411!

Digital 411 broadcast live Thursdays, 5pmET on New episodes record live twice monthly. You can follow what’s happening on Digital 411 here, on the Facebook page and Twitter @Digital411. Feel free to submit your topic suggestions and interview recommendations here, Facebook or Twitter.


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You’re Invited: Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) Event

You’re Invited: Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) Event

About a month ago, some Twitter friends picked up on the current national discussion about whether there’s a higher education bubble and if we are on the verge of seeing it burst. Peter Thiel has written about this topic, “We’re in a Bubble and It’s Not the Internet. It’s Higher Education,” as well as Glenn Reynolds, “Higher Education’s Bubble is About to Burst.”

With the Twitter conversation heating up, we decided it might be interesting to take the conversation offline and include entrepreneurship to hear more about what people think. As a previous college professor and constant advocate of higher education, — of course — I got excited about the prospect. All of this has manifested into the first Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) Event, and you’re invited to be part of the fun.

The Digital 411 IRL Event will be a live, interactive debate with a panel and live audience discussing the potential (or pending) higher education bubble bursting. We will address the question: Do you need a college education to be successful? And given the number of technology companies that are started by college drop outs, we ask: How might the higher education bubble affect technology companies and start ups?

I’m excited to moderate the panel which includes the following participants:

For those in central Ohio, you can attend the event live on location at the Ohio State University’s new, College Commons space located in Ramseyer Hall. And given the topic and location, we will be collecting school supplies to donate to St. Vincent Family Center to ensure every child is prepared to start the 2011-2012 school year!

For others, you can participate in the live broadcast by tuning into Thursday, August 4 at 5pm. We will be taking questions and comments by Twitter, so send them along with the hashtag #Digital411IRL. Register for the Digital 411 IRL (In Real Life) 

I’m obviously as excited as can be and I hope you will join us IRL or virtually. It’s sure to be an interesting and engaging discussion! I’m looking forward to seeing you at this live event!

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Facebook Fan Pages Blown Wide Open

Facebook Fan Pages Blown Wide Open

Facebook is a topic favorite on Digital 411, and there are endless things to talk about when it comes to the world’s most popular social media network. As the biggest online time sink and with more than 700 million users worldwide on Facebook everyday, if you’re not using a Facebook Fan Page to connect with your consumers you’re missing opportunities to be part of their daily lives.

On the Saturday, June 11, 2011 episode of Digital 411 we’re blowing Facebook Fan Pages wide open. Telling everything you need to know about creating and maintaining a successful page. We’ll discuss how to leverage custom tabs, social applications, email capture and much more.

Here are our guest co-hosts that will blow Facebook Fan Pages wide open:

Elijah R. Young

Co-Founder at Fandura (, Serial Small Business Entrepreneur, Small Business Start-up Consultant and Business Strategist, Elijah R. Young creates digital strategies that allow brands to both market themselves in the social media space, and connect their social online identities to their offline branding and marketing materials.

As a serial small business entrepreneur, as of January 2010, Elijah R. Young have started or been involved with the launch of 16 businesses from 2003 to Present. I am always looking to invest in entrepreneurship and develop new business ideas either offline, or via my personal blog. Follow Elijah on Twitter @ElijahRYoung

Mark Hill 

Mark Hill is a serial entrepreneur and has been so his entire life. He launched his first retail company out of his Ohio State dorm room at the age of 19. Since then he has either been a co-founder in or a part of 5 other startups, all but 1 being in the e-commerce or technology sectors. At Fandura (his latest company) he is excited about building web and social applications that help business owners grow their businesses.  Follow Mark on Twitter @IamMarkHill

I promise you will walk away knowing more about Facebook Fan Pages than you ever imagined. Join us during our live broadcast Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 10amEST on We take your calls at 1(877) 932-9766 and you can join the conversation on Twitter too @Digital411.

Can’t listen to the live broadcast — that’s okay. Catch the podcast the following week or subscribe on iTunes ( and don’t miss an episode!


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How do you make an online publication and offline community work?

How do you make an online publication and offline community work?

The next installment of Digital 411 promises to be a great one. We’re answering the question: What is the secret sauce to managing an online publication and an active offline community? As you can imagine, this can be a bit tricky because the offline and online doesn’t always come together as well as you hope.

As an added bonus, what do you do when you throw a hard copy publication in the mix. The workload, content, events and much more can get pretty complicated. But, in central Ohio, we’ve found at least 2 entrepreneurs that are making it work — and well. 

On the next episode of Digital 411, Saturday June 4, 2011 at 10am EST, my guest co-hosts reveal their secerts, successes and challenges. Here’s a little bit about TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney Sheppard and Walker Evans.

TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney

TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney is the Founder, CEO & Publisher of The Women’s Book, a multi-media publication that showcases local women leaders and resources including woman-owned businesses, nonprofits, news and events. The Women’s Book’s goal is to make it easier to find what’s happening in a community that benefits women and girls.


Walker Evans

Walker Evans is the founder of and co-founder of along with his wife and business partner Anne Evans. Walker has turned local media from a hobby into a full time career over the past decade and continues to consult with local businesses and organizations on topics related to new media and social media.

He lives in the historic King Lincoln District adjacent to Downtown with his wife and two children. He loves the urban energy and culture that Downtown Columbus has to offer and currently serves on multiple boards and committees including The North Market Development Authority, The Columbus Metropolitan Club Advisory Board and the Create Committee of the Columbus 2020 regional economic development initiative.

Digital 411 broadcasts live Saturdays 10am EST on Listen in, and join the conversation by calling 1 (877) 932-9766 or send your questions and comments by Twitter to @Digital411.


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Inside the Making of an Internet Celebrity

Inside the Making of an Internet Celebrity

If you’ve been paying attention to popular culture for the past 10 years or so, you’ve noticed a rise in online or internet celebrities. These fun folks are responsible for introducing great phrases like “love muffins,” singing about their favorite day of the week, and protecting their favorite celebrities like Brittney Spears.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Obama Girl?

Join us Saturday, May 14 at 10am on to learn about the making of an internet celebrity.

But first meet our cyber celebrities.

Lex McAllister is a Business Owner, Motorcycle & Car Enthusiast, On Air Personality With Auto Smarts Radio, Reality Show Star, Spokesperson, and most importantly, A Woman With NO Excuses. Lex’s business and radio careers started with a ferocious bite that’s had her infected ever since! Sounds extreme, but her blood runs on gas, PREMIUM gas.

In 2009 the lights of Hollywood turned toward Lex as she found herself “On the Wings of Love,” during ABC’s fourteenth season of The Bachelor. Bachelor Jake Pavelka couldn’t keep up with Lex and her two HOGs, so Lex left the show to start her own show; one that pushes women into a lifestyle of risk-taking, NO-regret-giving, mistake-making goodness.

Since 2009, Lex has started her own company Lexicon Works, PR, Marketing, & Promotions Group and is an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast.  Native to C-Bus, Lex was schooled in NYC’s Marymount Manhattan College then later worked for NBC, ABC, MTV, Revolution Studios, and Sibling Entertainment.  She was recently named one of the 10 TOP Columbus CEOs by Columbus CEO Magazine.

Lex is the creator of the Live No Excuses Radio program broadcasting on Rewind 103.5/104.3 FM. Follow Lex on Twitter @LexMcAllister

Amy Schmittauer is the Founder and Face of where she shares tips to help small businesses and entrepreneurs own their social media presence. Amy is predominantly known for reaching her audience through video blogging, for both business and personal life. As a self-proclaimed socialista, if she is not talking to a camera, she is probably tweeting, dailyboothing, or checking in to meet people IRL (in real life).

Join Amy this summer in June as she takes vlogging on the road. Amy won a coveted blogger spot in the Fox Rent-a-Car Road Trip. With 16 days in a car and 6 new cities to check out– her vlog entries are going to be all new and Pro-Fresh-ional!

Follow Amy on Twitter @schmittastic

Listen to previous episodes of Digital 411

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You Produce Digital 411 User Contest is Open!

You Produce Digital 411 User Contest is Open!

Digital 411 is about what the awesome users want and that’s why I’m handing over an episode to you! Announcing theYou Produce Digital 411 User Contest! Win the opportunity to produce your own episode of Digital 411 — an internet radio show heard exclusively on with Dr. Erika Pryor.

What do you have to do to win?

Submit your pitch in 140 characters or less on Twitter @Digital411, Facebook, or by email at: The last day to submit pitches is Friday, May 20, 2011 at 5pm.

Since, this show is all about the users, the winning pitch will be the result of an online election between 3 finalist pitches.

Online voting is Monday May 23, 2011 through Friday May 28, 2011.

our only guideline is to submit a pitch that is related to technology, tech gadgest, social media, or web tech.

When the users have spoken, the winner and I will produce YOUR Digital 411 episode including:

  • Guest selection
  • On-air script development
  • Pre-show research
  • Run on-air interviews live!

The You Produce Digital 411 User Contest episode is will air live Saturday, July 2, 2011 at the Talktainment Radio studios in Columbus.

So, get your 140 character pitch ready and tweet it to @Digital411 or email The deadline is coming quick! Anyone is eligable to enter this contest (this means you can enter even if you were a guest co-host on a previous episode). 

Good luck and thanks for being a loyal Digital 411 supporter!

Click here to access Digital 411 on iTunes! 

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Politics in Social Media Land…More than Meets the Eye

It’s the start of the election cycle and there’s no time better than now to start talking about how and why politicans and governments are using social media. As an added bonus, it’s been a pretty crazy week with the world of politics and social media land so, the discussion on this week’s program will be an exciting one you won’t want to miss. 

Meet our guest co-hosts that will be giving us the inside scoop.

Natalie Lehner

Natalie Lehner is communications director for the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association. She is a former public radio reporter, anchor and producer. Lehner is also a former political talk show host with Ohio Public Radio and Television. She also worked as a reporter at NBC4 TV in Columbus, Ohio before getting into public relations. Follow Natalie’s musings on Twitter @ImaCornStar

Brian Hoyt

Brian Hoyt is the Public Information Manager for the City of Gahanna and manages the City’s communications, marketing and social media programs.  Before joining the City of Gahanna, Brian worked in public relations for an Ohio based advertising agency and as a public relations and political consultant.  Additionally, Brian has worked in employer relations for a recruiting firm and a non-profit workforce development organization. Check out Brian on Twitter @OhioBrian

Digital 411 is heard exclusively on We record live Saturdays, 10am EST. Join the conversation by phone at: 1877-932-9766 or send your questions and comments by Twitter to @Digital411. Also, join the conversation between programs on the Facebook page.

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