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How do you make an online publication and offline community work?

How do you make an online publication and offline community work?

The next installment of Digital 411 promises to be a great one. We’re answering the question: What is the secret sauce to managing an online publication and an active offline community? As you can imagine, this can be a bit tricky because the offline and online doesn’t always come together as well as you hope.

As an added bonus, what do you do when you throw a hard copy publication in the mix. The workload, content, events and much more can get pretty complicated. But, in central Ohio, we’ve found at least 2 entrepreneurs that are making it work — and well. 

On the next episode of Digital 411, Saturday June 4, 2011 at 10am EST, my guest co-hosts reveal their secerts, successes and challenges. Here’s a little bit about TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney Sheppard and Walker Evans.

TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney

TaKeysha Sheppard Cheney is the Founder, CEO & Publisher of The Women’s Book, a multi-media publication that showcases local women leaders and resources including woman-owned businesses, nonprofits, news and events. The Women’s Book’s goal is to make it easier to find what’s happening in a community that benefits women and girls.


Walker Evans

Walker Evans is the founder of and co-founder of along with his wife and business partner Anne Evans. Walker has turned local media from a hobby into a full time career over the past decade and continues to consult with local businesses and organizations on topics related to new media and social media.

He lives in the historic King Lincoln District adjacent to Downtown with his wife and two children. He loves the urban energy and culture that Downtown Columbus has to offer and currently serves on multiple boards and committees including The North Market Development Authority, The Columbus Metropolitan Club Advisory Board and the Create Committee of the Columbus 2020 regional economic development initiative.

Digital 411 broadcasts live Saturdays 10am EST on Listen in, and join the conversation by calling 1 (877) 932-9766 or send your questions and comments by Twitter to @Digital411.


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Why face time is essential to your niche community

I really enjoy the niche communities I’ve found online through Facebook, Twitter and Cbusr. In fact, there are quite a few people that I probably only exclusively interact with online. That being said, I really enjoy checking in with my online friends offline.

In the past week, I’ve attended about four meetups organized by Yelp Columbus, Cbusr, Social Media Club Columbus, and Team Cbus. What I realize after attending each of these great events is that I always have a great time seeing my online friends, offline.

Team Cbus Alive photo shoot meetup

Although it’s difficult to really understand for those that don’t maintain an active digital presence, something that is as important to the digital presence is holding and attending off line meetups. Think of it this way — the best way to maintain relationships regardless of geographic distance, is with face time.

Of course, I’ve been asked the question: Do attending and holding offline meetups really help you digital presence? The answer is a resounding YES! Here are a few reasons why meetups are essential to your niche community.

Something special happens when people get together

It’s easy to forget, but this is why we always “go home,” or visit old friends, because something special happens when we get together and spend face time with people that we don’t see very often. And this happens whether you live 15 minutes away or 150 miles away from one another. It’s an important function to maintaining a relationship.

Facilitate sustained engagement

If you are the curator of a niche community with a significant online component — you need to give people an opportunity for additional interaction. Talking and interacting online is fun — I’m the first to admit that — but I really enjoy the opportunity to have sustained conversations with individuals. It is the sustained engagement that can be how the synergy happens that makes the group a worthwhile community to which members want to be a part.

Get a sense of the larger community

Frequently when you’re a member of a niche community — you may have a few individuals that you interact with regularly, but by attending online events you can get a better sense of the larger community to which you are a part. You can meet and interact with the other people that your people are talking to, as well as grow your personal or professional network. It’s always nice to meet your friends, friends and learn more about one another in the process.

Community Ambassadors

So, may be I’m a meetup snob, but I like to know who will be attending events that I plan or consider attending. Yes, the attendance list matters. I like meeting new people — especially those that I have had sustained online conversations with, but have not had the opportunity to meet.

Having offline meetups provides opportunities for your community members to act as ambassadors for the group on line. Whether it’s a Facebook invitation or something more sophisticated, having offline meetups provides community members the opportunity to show their support and tell others how and why their niche community rocks! This is a great way to both grow engagement as well as comittment to the group.

What other reasons would you offer regarding the importance of offline meetups to sustaining your online niche community?


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