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Google Chrome Extension: ToDoist A Review

I’m always on the lookout for great Google Chrome web browser extensions and those that provide some additional functionality to make my life on the internet easier. I don’t have a magic way to find extensions other than using a search phrase like “Best Chrome Extensions,” and seeing what comes up.

During a recent search, I came up with ToDoist — which I’m convinced will make my life easier. I’ve only been experimenting with it, so I’ll give the highlights here of what I see so far with this to do list extension. To be sure, there are a bevy of list making extensions available, so don’t be afraid to search around to find the one that works best for what you want to accomplish.

Unlike most extensions I’ve used in the past, users of ToDoist first sign up for the service through their website. Once you complete that, then you install the extension, which will be added to your navigation bar with a check mark and “T” icon.

Once you sign up and get to the start screen, ToDoist provides you a great overview of the range of ways in which you can integrate the application into your existing online usage habits. Since I use an iGoogle dashboard, I appreciate you can incorporate your ongoing to do lists there, as well as the Netvibes dashboard. ToDoist is also available as an iphone and Android mobile application. There are keyboarding shortcuts and filtering options as well.

As a list making function, I appreciate the ability to first create projects and then assign tasks to the pertinent individual projects — which obviously makes ToDoist a bit more than a simple list making application — but rather a project management app.

Once you’ve created your project, and then assigned tasks to that project — this is were ToDoist gains some momentum in my book. What I really like is once you’ve set up your project, ToDoist has an “Add Link” function which allows users to easily bookmark pertinent web links. Additionally, you can assign that link as a task to a specific project. For me, this eliminates emailing links to myself with a reminder to return to them at a later time. However, if that’s something you would like to do — ToDoist gives you that option.

If you’re willing to upgrade to the preminum service, you can get access to reminders, notes and much more. I’m like many people in that I’ll make due with the free service. That’s not to say in the future, I won’t upgrade, but for the moment, I’m not sure what ToDoist has to offer is worth the cost of upgrading.

So, what do you think about ToDoist? Are you currently using it or another list making, project management application or add on with some good functionality? I invite you to share your thoughts on ToDoist or any other add on in the comments section below.


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5 Google Chrome Extensions To Love

If you are a PC user and have stepped into the next generation of web browsing, you are likely using Google Chrome over Internet Explore, Firefox or Mozilla. If you’re not part of the Google Chrome bandwagon, maybe 5 Google Chrome Extensions to Love will persuade you how Chrome became the IT of web browser. Rest assured, there are many, many more add ons than the few identified here, but these are some that I have found (or home to find) useful in making my life a more productive. Check out the list below and see what you think.

As an FYI: To access any of these extensions or add ons check out Google Chrome Extensions or Chrome Extensions.

Google Mail Checker

Although there is chatter that email is dead, many of us are still using email to get a lot of work accomplished — especially if you are part of the growing demographic workshifting. The Google Mail Checker extension adds the recognizable red and white Gmail logo next to your address bar and keeps a running total of the number of unopened messages. I find this useful because with one click, I’ve opened my Gmail inbox in a new window.

Google Calendar Checker

Now that I’ve successfully synced Google Calendar with my iphone Calendar (meaning my either calendar automatically updates as long as internet access if available), this little extension has become absolutely essential in keeping me on time and on schedule. Like other extensions, the Google Calendar icon resides next to the address bar — which means it doesn’t take up precious real estate on the bookmarks bar — and gives the time in days and/or hours before your next Google Calendar scheduled event. Another handy feature: Click on the icon and your calendar automatically opens in a new window making the review of your schedule even easier.

Shareaholic for Google Chrome 3.2

Shareaholic is by far one of the most useful Google extensions I’ve found. After downloading this extension, you can share any webpage any number of ways. Although there are many sites that give you the option to share articles across some social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) or bookmark sites (Digg, Delicious, and Reddit). This extension makes that possible for any and every site you encounter. There are a number of highlights to this extension including the ability:

  • To share via email, including Gmail, as well as Hotmail and Yahoo mail).
  • Customize the share sites list to include only that you actually carry an active account with and use.
  • Share sites to your Evernote account.
  • Share sites with WordPress and Blogger too!

Explain and Send Screenshots 3.5

After reviewing many of the screenshot extensions, many have some of the same features as the Explain and Send Screenshots add on. A few added productivity features that you may want to look for include the following abilities:

  • To capture what’s on your screen OR selected area OR the entire page.
  • To annotate with circles, arrows, and text
  • To share via email
  • To share images as well

Search CloudNet

If you are looking for a way to really optimize your Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results then Search CloudNet is exactly the Chrome add on you’ve been looking for. Although I like the categories of information that you can organize your Google searches by, it’s not always that useful. With Search CloudNet you can further categorize your search results by isolating search results by websites while the tag cloud gives you the option of isolating items of your search that are tagged with the most common search terms relevant. An extremely useful extension that I highly recommend. You can see in the example below a “small business” search isolated by websites with the most relevant sites identified biggest in the cloud.

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