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On Re-Connecting with My Life: Do You Need To?

I’m not sure if this is new age spirituality or what not, but lately I’ve felt a little disconnected from my life? I think that’s a rhetorically savvy way of saying, “I’ve felt out of touch with things lately.”

Admittedly, my life has been on a bit of a roller coaster especially where my work-life balance and career are concerned. So, I’m now settling into a new routine. As much as I like to change things at will — I’m not so good at handling changes that don’t come from my own command. Does that sound familiar?

So, how do you know if you might be out of touch with your life? Great question? And I wish I had some profound answer to that question. Speaking from you own experience, I realized I was out of touch when I finally made the mental decision to wrap my mind around the situation and truly embrace it as a blessing (perhaps in disguise, but you get what I’m saying); rather than something thrust on me without my permission. (Because as much as we like for life to go our ways in every instance, it usually doesn’t happen that way).

Although my approach may sound simple, it’s actually not. I think most people are not very self-reflexive. Not by default, but rather people don’t give themselves the luxury of thinking about their own needs first. Do you believe that if you put their own needs first — especially if you’re a woman — that you are being selfish, self-involved, and basically a horrible person? If so, you’ve fallen into a trap that turns into a very viscous cycle. Well there’s great news for you: That’s not how it has to be. And what’s better — it may not take a whole lot to snap out of it.

Here are a few things that I did to kind of get out of this funk of feeling far away from everything that was important.

Going back to the things I enjoy. There are a few things that I really like doing such as kick boxing, hiking, and road trips. I haven’t let myself do much of those 3 things in a very long time. But that’s all changed. I’ve been hiking in the park a few evenings each week — and the warmer weather is making that possible. And I’ve been kick boxing at a great new women’s fitness facility called, R Studio.

Getting organized. I wasn’t ready to start freelancing again so soon. In fact I had kind of hung up my freelancer cap for a while. But, situations dictated otherwise. So, this weekend, I took some quality time to find a great web-based project management software (product review forthcoming). And also did some needed spring cleaning to spruce up my work and life sacred spaces — how’s that for balance.

Getting reaquainted. As much as people say it doesn’t matter — human connection is one of the most powerful connections we can make. And for me, I find my batteries recharged by developing new relationships — like I do in learning new things. So, I stepped up networking. More than meeting new people, I decided to return to those emails with invitations for coffee and lunch to which I had not been particularly response. And I’ve enjoyed catching up with people. As an added bonus, there have are some great professional opportunities developing — go figure, all that from networking.

Now I don’t want you to think I’ve got beer goggles on or something. These three little changes are not a magic bullet. The good news is, making the mental decision is the first step to changing your demeanor.

So, at the beginning of this article I asked if you were feeling little disconnected with your life. After reviewing how to snap back into things — upon second thought what do you think now?

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