Exposing the Battle Scars: Why Getting Fired Can Help Others

19 Apr

So, it’s been nearly a month since I was unceremoniously released from what I thought was my dream job at RMD Advertising. I’ll spare you the details — because they are rather ridiculous. Since then, I’ve been working independently and reaching out to my network about new collaborative opportunities.

Now that my networking game is in over drive, I’ve talked with a number of people that heard about me getting fired. In addition to talking, I’ve heard from people via the blog post, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. A small handful of people simple reached out with condolence about the situation. What was even more surprising — the out pouring of people voicing one of these three sentiments.


Not an isolated incident — I was congratulated on being fired by more than one person. That surprised me given I didn’t leave on my own terms.

People hate their jobs

Okay, that’s not really a surprise. A lot of people really hate their jobs. Now, I can understand hating your job as you are in the process of finding something more suiting. But what the hell are so many people doing working a job that they really can’t stand. I mean really — you’re not doing yourself any favors staying at a job you hate.

Even the man hates working for the man

So many more people than I realized are ready to step out on their own starting their own business or working for them selves. Some people indicated that are actually “waiting to get fired,” while they complete client work on their bosses dime and build their client list in preparation. Obviously that’s ethically wrong — although I can’t say I’m innocent of such an offense —

Exposed Battle Scars

What surprised me the most, hands down, were the number of people with their own story to share about being fired. Not their parents, spouse or sibling — but them. How they felt so embarrassed while attempting to piece back together their self-esteem which had been completely dismantled.

Of course all of this got me thinking about the high level of shame around being fired — especially in this economy. I say *uck that! Shit happens that is completely beyond your control. And if you’ve been fired in the past you shouldn’t feel like a complete louse because someone else decided to judge you in ways that are likely untrue. I mean it’s likely your boss doesn’t even really know you and probably has very little understanding of who you are and what you care about. And in many cases — they don’t actually care.

If you’ve got some battle scars you want to show — please do it here. I’m not judging you. In fact, I’m calling a moratorium on shame related to being fired. Quite frankly life is too short!

So, what battle scars do you want to show off?

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