“All aboard and heading to Austin!” or Team Cbus on Digital 411

28 Feb

At one point I thought Digital 411 (the radio show) had already peaked when it comes to great guests, with the combination of social media experts I had on the show during Blogging Month (February). Then I got the word from Nate Riggs that the Team Cbus was being formed and even if I could not be on the actual team — that there was room on the team for me still.

I thought, how awesome! I really want to help this great group of five social media personalities, professionals, and entrepreneurs from Columbus, taking the Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge to form a team, drive from your home city to Austin, Texas to participate at the South By South West (SXSW) Interactive Conference, and along the way do some good and raise some cash for a great cause! Who wouldn’t?

Meet Team Cbus

So, what better opportunity could I have to get all the ins and outs of this Team Cbus mega road trip than to have the whole team on Digital 411. And that’s how I realized that there are just too many cool things going on in Columbus and beyond for that matter — I can never peak because I’ve got a endless supply of really cool digital, technology, social media, web and mobile applications to talk about.

So now that I’ve built up enough anticipation — want to know who’s on Team Cbus? As you guessed, a colorful cast of characters leading what I call a technology lifestyle — it’s not something they do, it’s part of who they are.

Since the Team has put together both a very attractive website built by Christian Adams of Christian Adams Photography and Allie of Allie Lehman Design, (@Alliepal), as well as a Facebook page, I’ll just send you to either of those to places to review and learn more about the whole sha-bang! But I will give you a brief introduction here and let the pictures intrigue you!  I’m biased — of course — but this week’s episode of Digital 411 is going to rock because this many cool people in a room together can’t be fun-free. Tune in Saturday, 10am to Digital 411 on

Team Captain, Nate Riggs Description: Social business strategist, builder of corporate social media teams. Blogger. Speaker. Runner. Blended family dad. Jedi Master.

Elijah Young Description: Co-Founder of Social Talk Live, Teacher, Only Child, Left Handed, Super Villain Strategist, Monopoly Master.

Sarah Storer Description: Blogger, speaker, storyteller, Social Media nerd, community enthusiast, authenticity hound.

Mike Whaling Description: Successful entrepreneur. Web, SEO, and Social Media strategist.

Eric Leslie Description: Father, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Community Organizer.

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