Blogging, Branding and Gen Y: Everything you wanted to know from Tyler Durbin

22 Feb

We are wrapping up an amazing month on Digital 411. On our final installment of Blogging Month we’re talking Blogging, Branding, and Gen Y with two of the most well connected Gen Y professionals: Tyler Durbin and Cheryl Harrison.

If you’re not a Gen Yer — listen.

If you haven’t heard of Tyler Durbin and Cheryl Harrison — still listen.

And most importantly, if you want to some insider information on how to use blogging to brand yourself and advance your career — by all means listen!

A few interesting pieces of information about Tyler — besides his dashingly handsome good looks!

Tyler Durbin is a blogger, young professional and advocate for his Gen-Y comrades. Tyler is also the founder and editor of GenYJourney – the online platform for Gen-Y’s to engage and collaborate with each other on the life and career issues they are facing as college students, recent grads and young professionals. He created GenYJourney upon graduating from college in 2009 and has continued his weekly contributions to the site along with collaborating with nearly 100 contributors (across all generations).



You can also find Tyler sharing his story as the weekly Voice of a Young Professional columnist at Classroom to Cubicle magazine. When not writing, Tyler speaks about his experience as a recent college grad and Gen-Y blogger to groups such as The Ohio State University, Public Relations Society of America and has also served on several panels including the Blogging for Personal Branding panel at 2010 Ohio Growth Summit.

Feel free to connect with Tyler on Twitter @TylerDurbin

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