Look Who’s Talking…Blogging for Beginners (2/5/2011)

30 Jan

On Digital 411, we have dedicated the month of February to Blogging. We’re kicking things off with two people that are supreme experts on blogging from the inside out. I’m super excited to start blogging month with Elijah Young and Sarah Storer AKA The Naked Redhead.

Sarah Storer AKA The Naked Redhead, Guest Co-host

“Life is fun(nier) when you’re naked.” The Naked Redhead (TNR) writes under the assumption that life is more fun when you’re honest (naked), when things are funny, and when people get together to try to do the Right Thing.

Her writing has been featured on Smitten, Glamour magazine’s relationships blog, and across the great series of tubes that homosapiens like to call the Internetz. She attempts to blog under a moniker, because there’s not too much she likes more than getting tons of traffic from people searching for porn. (Her favorite search query to date is “gigundous boobies”.)

For more on Sarah Storer see:


Elijah R. Young, Guest Co-host

As co-Owner of 360 Degree Social, Elijah R. Young creates digital strategies that allow brands to both market themselves in the social media space, and connect their social online identities to their offline branding and marketing materials. All of that is just a long way to say that I’m a nerd and a good thinker 🙂

As a serial small business entrepreneur, as of January 2010, Elijah R. Young have started or been involved with the launch of 16 businesses from 2003 to Present. I am always looking to invest in entrepreneurship and develop new business ideas either offline, or via my personal blog.

For more information on Elijah Young see:



An added promo highlight!

We are giving away an autographed #CalendarGirls of Twitter calendar on the show.

How do I win you ask?

On Facebook: (Tag) “Digital 411 I want to win the autographed #CalendarGirls Calendar and help bring awareness to epilepsy.”

On Twitter: @Digital411 I want to win the autographed #CalendarGirls Calendar and help bring awareness to epilepsy”

Enter on both for 2 chances to win!

The winner will be announced on the Digital 411 program 2/5/2011, Facebook and Twitter.


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2 responses to “Look Who’s Talking…Blogging for Beginners (2/5/2011)

  1. tonnishaenglish

    February 5, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    I missed the show this morning! I hope to hear this podcast soon. Let me know when it is available!

    • Erika Pryor

      February 6, 2011 at 8:15 am

      Although I’m a little bias, I’ll say that Elijah R. Young and Sarah Storer were great and generously offered a wealth of information about blogging for the beginner. I’ll be sure to post the podcast when it’s available. Thanks for support the program.


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