LinkedIn and Twitter: Why the New Application Rocks!

26 Sep

Let’s face it, social media networks are always changing things in an effort to make them better and more effective. Sometimes that’s true, other times it’s not. However, in November 2009 when LinkedIn and Twitter came together — for me it was a match made in heaven. Then in May 2010, when LinkedIn made some improvements to that integration, both social media networks actually became better.

To briefly updates those not in the know: You can add your Twitter username to your LinkedIn profile. With this integration, users can make status updates on Twitter and LinkedIn from either social networking sites. Since November, LinkedIn has added a few new features that really up the utility of Twitter for individuals attempting to use both for professional purposes. Here’s Why the New Application Rocks!

  1. LinkedIn Twitter Application: One of the things that makes LinkedIn useful are it’s applications like Polls, SlideShare or Google Presentation, and WordPress. These applications provide users to tell more about their professional work, interests, and areas of engagement. When you download the Tweets Application, you have the opportunity to have access to all the information that is shared via Twitter by not only the individuals you are connected with, but companies as well.                                                                                                      Added Bonus: Once you download the application — you can elect to have it appear on your profile. This means easy access and more ways to be visible to others.
  1. Twitter Dashboard: After downloading the application, you have a dashboard. For those using Hootsuite, TweetDeck or Gist, the dashboard is familiar — for others — don’t let it intimidate you. The purpose is to make the use of Twitter — via LinkedIn easier by seperating information into useful categories, including: “Overview,” “Connections,” “My Tweets” and “Settings.”
  2. Overview: From your Dashboard, you can actually view all the users you are following on Twitter. What makes the “Overview” even better is you can view all the people you are following that are part of your LinkedIn network by selecting “LinkedIn-Connections.” As you can also see, you can update your Twitter and LinkedIn status here too.                  Added Bonus: Click “Reply” you are re-directed to your Inbox, with the message already inserted in the text. This means, if you read an interesting message and want to know more, you can simply send an email through LinkedIn to your desired contact to follow up.
  3. Following You Connections Made Easy: In addition to aggregating the Twitter content of your LinkedIn connections, the Tweets application makes following your LinkedIn connections on Twitter extremely easy. When you view your “Connections” from the Dashboard, what you find is your LinkedIn connections that have included a Twitter username on their Profile. What you also find is the ability to identify the connections you are following and those you are not. To follow a LinkedIn connection, simply click “follow,” and it’s done. Added Bonus: When you float over the Twitter username you can review their most recent tweets and how long ago they posted. This means, if you’re not interested in following individuals that are not consistent Twitter users you can do that.
  4. Knowing Your Connections Twitter Username: Although it would be great if everyone used their government name as their Twitter username, it’s simply not the case. So, the ability to review the Twitter user name of your connections alongside their government name without going to each individual Twitter profile page is invaluable. This makes it much easier to create lists of important contacts and keep up with people and their daily happenings. This also makes it easier to know what individuals are Tweeting for their companies — giving a sense of who is behind the Twitter curtain — so to speak.

Of course there are some other cool features to this exciting application, but I’ll leave you to find those nuggets. You may also consider checking out the LinkedIn blog for help using this application or any other. I find if you do a “search” for a specific topic, it may be more useful that searching the archives. Here’s an entry discussing the Tweets application “Find a Follow Your LinkedIn Connections on Twitter.”

Let me know what features — either identified here or found on your own — that you find particularly helpful for using Twitter effectively.

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