Lesson of the Week: Give Yourself Permission To Dream Big!

26 Jul

Last week I met a number of inspiring and successful people in Columbus. For example, after taking a short personality test, I met Paul Dumochelle for my debriefing. It turns out I have a high motivational drive to exert my will, as well as work independently and autonomously. Not necessarily any new information, but our conversation did help confirm some thoughts I had about myself and work environments that suit me best. As an added bonus: We both share an interest in history and volunteer with the Columbus American Marketing Association.

I also met Christina Getachew, Founder and CEO of Substance for Fashion Conscious People. I interviewed Christina for a forthcoming Abec’s Small Business Review profile piece. I was very impressed and excited to see a boutique and online store with the goal of offering really beautiful and classic women’s clothing and accessories with a little bit of substance. This means much of the clothing is produced from organic materials, there’s an in-store line that is produced by hand, when clothing does not sale and is out of season, it is then re-purposed into other items to be sold. Additionally, proceeds from every sale go toward helping education.

Christina Getachew, CEO and Founder of Substance. The boutique is beautiful and she's got great "trade show" adventures to share!

Another person I met (this is not a typical week– but exciting none the less) was Cheryl Isaac, Owner of Isaac Business Services located in Downtown Columbus. I interviewed Cheryl for an Abec’s profile piece as well. During our conversation, I probed Cheryl to tell me about success stories and the high point of her work helping clients during the business planning process. Her response struck me. Cheryl indicated that one of the biggest highlights is when clients finally “give themselves permission to dream big.” It is only at that point that she knows what you truly want to accomplish  and can begin the work of helping you get there in a step-by-step process.

Cheryl Isaac, Owner of Issac Business Services and all around fantastic person

Give Yourself Permission To Dream Big. I have been on all sides of this conundrum.

Side 1: You dream big and your dreams, wants, and desires are not taken seriously. So, where do you go with all that energy and excitement? Furthermore, how do you get from where you are to that illustrious pot of gold at the end of your rainbow?

Side 2: You dream big and you can see no way to actually accomplish those dreams, so what use if it to think about things that cannot possibly happen.

Side 3: Fear. Fear of wanting something that you don’t know how to get. Fear of failure and fear of embarrassment are reasons we decide not to dream big.

Listening to Cheryl reveal how clients learn to Give Themselves Permission to Dream Big, was inspiring. I’ve had big and small goals I’ve wanted to accomplish. I came to a point where I had met many of the goals I set for myself, and had to come up with new ones (that personality test also indicated I am goal driven) and felt afraid to just get big, bad, even crazy with my ideas about what to do next! It’s been exciting dreaming big, as well as inspiring to hear the success stories of those that had an idea and how they found people and resources to make their idea come to life. So, thank you Cheryl for such a wonderful lesson: Give Yourself Permission to Dream Big! It is those big dreams that set the course for your next adventure.

What’s you’re big dream? Have you given yourself permission to say them out loud, write them down or even begin working on achieving them?

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