Public Speaking in a Digital World: The Anticipation Builds

22 Feb

In this installment of Public Speaking in a Digital World: The Anticipation Builds. This week marks the first due date for my public speaking student’s inaugural video posts. In an attempt to facilitate students’ ability to use public speaking principles outside the classroom and in their day-to-day lives, the video posts assignments are public speaking moments in which students may commonly find themselves.

The first assignment asks students to create a video post of a roommate-conflict negotiation. In addition to the video posts for which every student in the small group needs to contribute in some way, each student also needs to create a text post that somehow contextualizes the video post. I’ve suggested students use this as an opportunity to provide a variety of perspectives on the act of effectively negotiating a roommate conflict. Also, I’ve encouraged students to consider using their position as RA, first-year students, students at an all-residential campus and/or communication majors to provide some additional insight on the nuances of this important moment.

The Anticipation Builds for me for a number of reasons. First, re-designing classes always makes me anxious and nervous. You don’t know what will work and what will fall flat. Frequently there is a lot of redefinition throughout an experimental course because you want to try and find ways to make the course work. Also, I’ve seen a teaser: One student work group discussed with me their speech presentation concept and I thought it was very creative and innovative. What I’ve learned from teaching and working is when you provide space for individuals to be inventive — they are!

Finally, I’m always excited to see a vision come to fruition. In addition to the blog component of the course, we also work through common public speaking principles including developing speaking outlines, as well as  informative, persuasive, and special occasion speaking.  In class students work on putting together logical, organized, and researched presentations. s the class continues, I hope to bring the discussion around to understanding how these video posts are different forms of informative, persuasive, and special occasion speeches.

For those reading the series, I’ve informed my students that I am documenting my experimental experience. With that, if you are following the series or coming to it for the first time — I encourage you to check out their video posts (after Wednesday of this week) and blogs. Provide them feedback and encouraging words to keep them motivated. I’m sure they will appreciate knowing there are readers out there interested in their innovative and creative work. Find links on this site in the BlogRoll: DU Student Blogs

Stay tuned for the next installment of Public Speaking in a Digital World: Grading. This should be interesting for sure.

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