Don’t Believe The Hype of “Wanna Be” Social Media Experts

21 Feb

Don’t Believe the Hype! If you have decided to take the plunge or dip your toe into the waters of social media technologies, don’t be fooled — Finding a Social Media Expert is Harder Than You Think. Like the “snake oil” salesman, one has to be aware of the unscrupulous individual ready to sell you more than you need and provide you with little insight on the social media “animal” in an effort to keep you completely reliant on them. That’s one way of doing things. My approach  is provide you with valuable information so you are in a position to make informed decisions about important business practices. So, I offer you

4 Reasons to Don’t Believe the Hype of “Wanna Be” Social Media Experts

1. If you know as much as they do

If you are considering making a move into social media, my guess is you have done some research to get a preliminary sense of what’s out there and what you might need. Once you are at this point, you are likely looking for a social media expert that can help you make sense of the landscape and take your concepts to the next level using social media platforms to do so. However, after a few conversations, some thoughtful Q and A, and digestion of your interactions, you feel as though they know about as much as you, then you have run into a “Wanna be” social media expert. They are likely banking on the fact that people don’t always do some research or are so overwhelmed by the social media landscape that they can  bedazzle you with “Facebook this…” and “Google pages that..” and you will be easily persuaded to sign up for what they have to offer — which may be nothing much.

2. If you can’t get a sense of their social media presence

So after your preliminary research you think you have found a potential social media expert to work with, the next thing you want to do is check them out via social media. Any social media expert should be savvy enough to maintain a prominent social media presence across multiple platforms. Your legit social media expert should have more than a Facebook page. I would hope they have an active Twitter account, an engaging LinkedIn profile, as well as a blog. I would also expect that their social media presence highlights their active investment and engagement with social media — this may be especially applicable to a blog.  I believe this is particularly important because a social media presence across platforms illustrates an awareness of the functions of different social media platforms, and an ability to utilize them in meaningful ways.

3. If they have no social media community

Part of what makes social media an exciting endeavor is how it brings individuals together with disregard to time and space. So, if you’re social media expert is not connected with other social media professionals, then you may be talking to a “Wanna be.”  Although it may sound a bit superficial to say a your potential social media expert should be connected with other social media experts (and it is), but like-minded individuals are always drawn together by their similar interests. If they are not connected to like-minded individuals with overlapping interests, then you might be talking to a “Wanna be” rather than legitimate social media expert.

4. If they don’t listen to your wants and needs

I feel as though this is one of the most important criteria to finding the right social media expert with which to work. It’s easy to find people that think they know what you want or need, it’s much more challenging to find someone that is willing to put their own interests aside in an effort to please their clients. You may have a “Wanna be” social media expert if they frequently come back to the same select ideas and social media platforms. If they are not listening to you and determining the best ways to tap into a range of social communications networks to make the endeavor worthwhile for you, you are likely in the midst of a “Wanna be” social media expert….move quick before it’s too late.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it might be a good check list to start with. Have you run into a “Wanna be” social media expert? What were the tell-tale signs that you picked up on to determine they were a “Wanna be?”

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