LinkedIn: What Is the Point?

10 Nov

Since I’ve assumed this new role of “Social Media Guru,” (which by no means should suggest I know everything, but indicates I know something,) people say, “I have a LinkedIn profile, but what is the point.” I typically answer with LinkedIn is the “professional” social networking site, in ways that Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter do not support. Mashable has complied a great list of the “7 Ways to Get More Out of LinkedIn.”

After reviewing the list, I agree with the suggestions offered by Mashable. Of particular note in the list are: 4. Seek Meaningful Recommendations and 5. Optimize Your Profile. Although, I do not have any recommendations, which I hope to change sooner rather than later, to optimize your profile is a great opportunity to showcase your work, talents, skills, and abilities. I also think 7. Consider Whether to Link Your Profiles. If you’re like me– you may be having a hard time seeing a hard line between your professional and personal life. If this is the case, integrating your profiles may be useful. What you may want to think about is the nature of the content. If you think it’s something that may be useful and insightful for the range of audiences on multiple sights, then I say go for it. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. I suggest adding Mashable to your favorites list, it is a great resource to learn from and typically offers a range of insight on social media.

I offer my LinkedIn profile for critique and criticism. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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